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Institutions List


COREDO Muromachi
Old shops since the Edo era to popular stores, Coredo is full of "food" from all over Japan and "things" strictly Made in Japan.
Nihonbashi Mitsui Tower
A high-grade space with old traditional restaurants in the bottom layer, and luxury hotel on the top layer.
COREDO Nihonbashi
Full of various only-one shops that covers food, clothing, shelter, and entertainment.


GINZA velvia-kan
A place full of strictly picked food and fashion items for grown-up couples to enjoy.
GINZA Namikidori Building
Aside from restaurants and boutiques, there are numerous nail salons employing meticulous, distinctly Japanese techniques.
Features a line-up of restaurants where you can enjoy unique, high-quality Japanese food for a relatively economical price. The building faces the main street of Ginza, making it easy to access.
GINZA Yanagidori Building
Showrooms displaying some of the world's best interior goods, as well as restaurants critically acclaimed by magazines around the world.
This sizable restaurant can easily accommodate even large groups. If you're looking to enjoy fine food, this is the place. Convenient access from both Ginza and Yurakucho.
Featuring spas and restaurants offering foods from various countries, Ginza Glasse caters to the sensibilities of fashionable women.
A selection of high-quality, basic casual brands and concept shops loved all over the world
Kojun Building
Help yourself to exquisite flavors only available in Ginza, at one of the first-class restaurants vying for Michelin stars. And don't miss the choice vintage watches and other treats at Barneys New York.
On top of the global and popular fashion stores, there is a variety of high-end restaurants where you can get your share of the flavors and hospitality of Japanese chefs.
Nitta Building
A popular spot bustling at night, located on the Corridor street. Filled with laid-back izakayas and stores open until late at night, Nitta building is the place to enjoy Tokyo nightlife.


Akasaka Biz Tower SHOPS & DINING
An assembly of casually accessible restaurants from long-standing establishments to trendy ones, as well as stores offering goods and services.
Kasumi Dining
A stylish dining area with a collection of stores that will keep you content from lunch all the way to the bar.


Okachimachi Yoshiike Main Store Building
Besides restaurants, the new landmark at Okachimachi station is the global brand Uniqlo.
Ikebukuro GLOBE
Facing the main street of Ikebukuro and featuring izakayas, Uniqlo and more, this is a popular spot among the youth.


Shinjuku Nakamuraya Bldg.
A rich variety of stores, from Coach and restaurants produced by established names, to delicacy & sweet shops and art galleries.
Iidabashi Sakura Terrace
Mainly restaurants and cafes with some goods and other shops, from stores you could visit daily to very unique ones.


Route map

Route map Akasaka area Kasumigaseki area Ginza area Nihonbashi area


Map:Nihonbashi area

Map:Nihonbashi area COREDO Muromachi1 COREDO Muromachi2 COREDO Muromachi3 COREDO Nihonbashi Nihonbashi Mitsui Tower

Access:Nihonbashi area

Access:Nihonbashi area


Map:Ginza area

Map:Ginza area GINZA velvia-kan GINZA Namikidori Building GINZA TRECIOUS GINZA Yanagidori Building ZOE GINZA GINZA GLASSE Kojun Building GINZA gCUBE Nitta Building

Access:Ginza area

Access:Ginza area

Akasaka & Kasumigaseki

Map:Akasaka area

Map:Akasaka area Akasaka Biz Tower SHOPS & DINING

Map:Kasumigaseki area

Map:Kasumigaseki area Kasumi Dining

Access:Akasaka area

Access:Akasaka area

Access:Kasumigaseki area

Access:Kasumigaseki area

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