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Okachimachi Yoshiike Main Store Building

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Okachimachi Yoshiike Main Store Building

Besides restaurants, the new landmark at Okachimachi station is the global brand Uniqlo.


  • 8F
  • ぼてぢゅう
  • The name "BOTEJYU" comes from the rhythm of flipping the okonomiyaki with the spatula making a "bote" sound, and cooking it making a "jyu" sound. Our okonomiyaki, which was born in the land of food fans Osaka, is made dynamically by seasoned professionals. Please try our extensive menu from okonomiyaki made with carefully selected ingredients to modan-yaki and teppan-yaki.
Business Hours
(L.O.for food 22:00; For drinks 22:30)
Average price

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Western Cuisine

  • 9F
  • yoshiike dining room
  • 吉池食堂
  • Directly operated by "Sakana no Yoshiike". The downtown restaurant "Hoshintei" has homemade western food and German beer and wine; "Sushi-dokoro Shun" is an easy to visit casual sushi restaurant; "Ikedaya" is the dining hall proud of its soba and udon noodles, regional fish and microbrew sake; and all of these can be enjoyed at one time. Other than the sushi, grill and bar counter, there is a 100 seat banquet room that has a variety of uses.
Business Hours
<Mon-Sat> 11:00~23:00 (L.O.for food 22:00; For drinks 22:30)
<Sun・Holidays> 11:00~22:00(L.O.for food 21:00; For drinks 21:30)
Average price
[Lunch]900yen [Dinner]3,600yen

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Chinese & Ethnic Cuisine

  • 8F
  • long-hu dining
  • ロンフーダイニング
  • A specialty shop where you can casually try the authentic flavors of mapo tofu and 16 types of fried rice. The mapo tofu served bubbling hot in a stone pot will make you addicted to the spiciness of the ground Sichuan pepper and chili peppers. The fragrant Yangzhou fried rice is always cooked at the proper heat to bring out its light and subtle flavors. The fried rice and sweets made with seasonal ingredients are also popular.
Business Hours
11:00~23:00 (L.O.22:00)
Average price
[Lunch]900yen [Dinner]1,200yen
  • 8F
  • Han Bi Jae
  • 韓美膳
  • A Korean restaurant offering a wide variety of healthy Korean cuisine, with staples such as bibimbap, sundubu and the ever popular samgyetang. Healthily enjoy eating the delicious five flavors and colors of homemade Korean cuisine while it beautifies you from the inside. Using plenty of vegetables, our dishes are easy on the body and can be enjoyed in a casual space at a reasonable price.
Business Hours
11:00~23:00 (L.O.22:00)
Average price
[Lunch]1,200yen [Dinner]2,000yen

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Delicatessen & Grocery

  • B2F-1F
  • yoshiike
  • 食料品 吉池
  • We get plenty of fresh fish from marketplace and local regions. We recommend the salmon and dried fish from our directly operated facility in Hokkaido, our homemade eel and more. Focused on locality and quality, we have an attractive line-up of rice, fruit, vegetables, meat and rarities. Our side dishes made from carefully selected ingredients, freshly baked bread and sake from Niigata make daily shopping enjoyable.
Business Hours

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Shops & Service

  • 1-4F
  • ユニクロ
  • The long awaited Ueno-Okachimachi area UNIQLO megastore has opened. With an area of 860 square meters, the latest lineup of men's, women's, kids' and baby clothes is available. For customers in Ueno-Okachimachi, you can have a fun, thrilling and exciting experience shopping.
Business Hours
  • 5-6F
  • GU
  • GU
  • "More freedom with fashion" is the concept of the Fast Retailing Group's brand "GU", and it is now in the Ueno-Okachimachi area. Our desire is for you to enjoy more fashion more casually, so you can enjoy the latest fashion trends at a reasonable price here.
Business Hours
  • 7F
  • ユザワヤ
  • The 57th store of the large craft shop "Yuzawaya". We have a wide line-up of fabrics, fashion goods, sewing machines, yarn, handicraft materials, flower materials, household goods and various other tools and materials for handicrafts.
Business Hours

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Okachimachi Yoshiike Main Store Building

Okachimachi Yoshiike Main Store Building Okachimachi / Ikebukuro

〒110-0005 3-27-12 Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo

Parking Information :
Okachimachi Yoshiike Main Building
Parking Garage (Separate Building)
Operating Hours: 24h
Parking Cost:
¥300 (tax included) per 30 minutes (8:00am-22:00)
¥100 (tax included) per 60 minutes (22:00-8:00am)
Car Capacity: 60
Maximum Charge: ¥2400 (tax included) in a 24 Hour Period
Size Limit:
Height 1.55m, Width 1.9m, Length 5.3m, Weight 2.3t
High Roof Height Limit is 2.05m

Inquiry :
Please inquire to each store directly

Opening hours :
*Varies by store

Closings :
No closings planned for the end of December 2015
*Please confirm directly with each store for operating hours and closings

Besides restaurants, the new landmark at Okachimachi station is the global brand Uniqlo.


Tokyo Metro
  • Tokyo Metro Ginza Line [ Ueno Hirokoji Station ], 1 minute on foot
  • Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line [ Naka-okachimachi Station ], 3 minutes on foot
Toei subway
  • Toei Oedo Line [ Ueno-okachimachi Station ], 1 minute on foot
JR East
  • Next to JR [ Okachimachi Station ]
Access from Haneda & Narita
  • Take the Keisei Skyliner from Narita Airport to [ Nippori Station ]. Take the JR Keihin-Tohoku Line to [ Okachimachi Station ]. The building is right outside the exit.
  • Take the Keikyu Airport Line from Haneda Airport to [ Shinagawa Station ]. Take the JR Yamanote Line to [ Okachimachi Station ], and you can see the building right outside the exit.
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